Did you know A.D. stands for Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord – Latin) and not After Death? You may read Jesus died at 30.5 years or 31.5 years. The reason for this is whether you count 0 to 1 as a year or not. OR you may read that Jesus died on the cross and rose again when He was 33.5 years, because at that time no one could be a Rabbi (teacher) unless they were thirty years of age.

The date is sorta irrelevant and no-one knows for sure. Even Christmas is off, as far as the first one is concerned. It was set by an individual who did not know the climate of Israel and wanted to cover up a really evil Roman holiday held on Dec. 25th called Saturnalia. It is cold in Israel at that time and there would be no shepherds in the field and no sheep, because there was no green grass. In addition female sheep gave birth only in the spring. But if you thought it was April 1st, you were called a fool, as in April Fool).

 Sometimes you will see a book with BCE being used (Before Common ERA) and CE is used instead of AD. CE stands for Common ERA.

 Did you know the first verse in the Holy Bible says, “In the Beginning, God, created the Heavens and Earth”? And that the word used for God is plural in the original Hebrew? “Elohim”.   WHAT? How can that be? Didn’t Jesus say “Hear O Israel, the Lord, thy God is one”? Yup, He did, but it’s still plural. So what’s the explanation? Look in your dusty Bible at John (the Gospel),Chapter 1 vs. 1.

 Did you know John liked to write apocalyptically? – well, that’s easy for you to say. Anyway, in that verse, John used Word with a capital W, to stand for Jesus. So the verse is interpreted as “in the beginning was Jesus, and Jesus was with God and Jesus was God”. That sorta makes the plurality of the first verse in Genesis make sense, doesn’t it?

Then in the second verse of the Holy Bible, we see the first mention of the Holy Spirit of God. So there’s the Holy Trinity right there, all in the first two verses.

Neat huh?

 Did you know after that first verse in the Bible that says, In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”, not much more is said about heaven?

I guess we’re supposed to find this stuff out on our own.  Well, what about Lucifer/Satan? He was obviously created right?  Right.  And so the Father God, Jesus Christ God and Holy Spirit God created him.  Mistake?  Who knows? We can get major headaches trying to figure God out.

 I was looking at Ezekiel 28: 12-17 and it sure seemed to me that God told Ezekiel to prophecy to the King of Tyre, and then in those verses it kinda seems like there is a second prophecy and Lucifer is identified. Yah, I know it’s in Isaiah 14 too, and I know there is theological debate about this, but it just makes sense to me.

I guess Lucifer was really what you would call “beautiful”, cause “handsome” just wouldn’t do the job. Anyway, it apparently went to his head and he decided he would be the same as God and everyone would worship him instead. Well, I guess he took a third of the other angels with him when he got kicked out of heaven by God. So where is he now? Down here in the atmosphere of earth. We can’t see him, (cause he’s still spirit) but I guess Jesus could. Or He just knew because He was filled with Holy Spirit God.

Of course Jesus was perfect man and perfect God, and when he was baptized in water by His cousin, John the Baptist at the river Jordan after His statement (“to fulfil all righteousness”), after He was baptized He became a major threat to Lucifer, the third of the angels and “demons”, (you know, the kind Jesus kicked out of people, one’s that made them sick, or deaf and dumb ones).

So Lucifer really went after Jesus when He was in the desert, tired and  really, really hungry, after 40 days. Not that Lucifer led Jesus out there. God’s Book is very clear on that point. Holy Spirit God led Him out there. Lucifer quoted some of God’s words to Moses to tempt Jesus. And Jesus answered Satan back from the same words God spoke to Moses. This is interesting in that it shows Jesus was fulfilling the commands of the Father God to His chosen people, which His chosen people were not able to do for forty years in the wilderness. Jesus used Deuteronomy right back to Lucifer in the correct perspective.

Did you know you can find out more about the fall of the evil angels? Look in your Concordance (in the back of your Bible) for the words temptation, Lucifer, Satan, or something like that – some words from whatever you remember happened then.

Did you know about the precious stones that Lucifer had on him in Ezekial 28, which represent the 12 tribes of Israel. He was missing three. Here is the Worship Leader of Heaven — who our Three in One God knew would fall, so he left off three stones from his adornment. These were and see Genesis chap 49: Isaachar- so Lucifer could not ever carry a burden. Isaachar is also associated with being a Redeemer and again Lucifer could not ever be tied to Redemption.

Gad- so Lucifer would never be an over-comer.

Asher- so no royal seed would ever come from Lucifer.

 Did you know about the “changing of the guard”. That means a major change to the way of doing things, or just one or more soldiers replacing other soldiers. Well when the Chief Priest of the Jews, from the line of Levi, (like Aaron and Moses), was about to die, he presented his oldest son to the people and said: “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. That person was then the High Priest.

Do you remember when John the Baptist baptized Jesus and God spoke from heaven and God said “this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”.  (Some dummies thought it thundered). So that was end of the Levite Priests and the beginning of Jesus as King of Kings and Chief Priest of the entire world.

 If you don’t have a Concordance, don’t walk, run – to your nearest religious bookstore and get one. The best ones are “Strong’s Concordance”, and now there are the “Strongest Strong’s”, and so on. If you have only used the old King James Version, than you only remember words from there, so get a Concordance that matches the King James. (If you only remember a couple words and want to know where the passage is, that is what a Concordance is for).

Did you know there are some Concordances that have matches for a whole bunch of Bible versions. Bible software for a computer, is about sixteen dollars with the NIV (New International Version) opened. There is free Bible software too, that can be downloaded, such as that at www.e-sword.net. Anyway, most Bible software has a “search” feature, so you can do a search for the words you are looking for. I had Verse Search from Texas for quite awhile, but it is expensive. Right now I am using Power Bible, from www.PowerBible.com – best to get it on a CD. It’s only about ten bucks for seven or eight +  bible versions, unless you want to open a version that isn’t already open. It’s about six dollars more to open a version you like.

(More to Come)