Corruption and Fascism is the Order of the day in the United States of America
Keith Davies political Correspondent

On we have reported on many scandals that have never made it to the main stream media, because to be frank, the media in America is more about entertainment than it is about giving the public the truth or keeping the political leaders honest, unless of course they are conservatives when not only are they kept “honest” but are also slandered. As a result of this bias the GOP has found it easier just to ignore their responsibilities as the loyal opposition, have shown fear of standing up for their principles (that is if they have any, many do not).
One glaring example was the cowardly behavior of the so-called Tea Party favorite Congressman Republican Mike Kelly of the Pennsylvania 3rd district:
Our research on Malik Obama in which Congressman Kelly requested to review directly from us, but never followed through. On a radio town hall Congressman Kelly admitted that the Malik Obama scandal was worse than the IRS scandal, yet he punted stating that “My job is not to make the job of the President harder”.
You can hear the shocking interview here.
Hillary Clinton and her husband have and always had a rule for us little people, but have another rule for how they conduct themselves. The media at this moment focus on the silence of the Clintons and lack of criticism of countries who are very weak on human rights including women’s rights, coincidently these countries all give millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. What the media is not focusing on, which is a much bigger story is the Muslim brotherhood connection of Hillary Clinton which has compromised the security of the United States. The Muslim Brotherhood is the foundation of all Islamic terror groups including Al Qaeda and ISIS yet the Clintons and President Obama launched the war against Libya to give the Islamists power in that country, as well as to undermine our ally Mubarak and now El Sisi in Egypt which has alienated one of our best Arab allies in the region.
Further we at were the first to uncover Obama’s attempt to undermine Bashar Assad and frame him for a chemical attack which was actually carried out by the rebels, our research was confirmed as accurate by Yosef Bodansky a leading conservative security expert, as well as the left-wing journalist and Pulitzer prize winner Seymor Hersh. Obama along with John Kerry knowingly made false accusations to bring the United States into a war that would put US servicemen at risk, all this was based on lies. Clinton, Obama and Kerry all could be seen as acting as traitors yet the left-wing media particularly the New York Daily News accuse 47 courageous GOP senators of being Traitors. The letter that was sent by Ted Cotton and his fellow 46 colleagues of the US Senate to the Mullahs was just to explain our constitution to them, so that when Obama acts as the King of America making a treaty without the consent of the people’s representatives of each State i.e the Senate it cannot be honored based on our constitutional laws. Like the left always do, is they project their own guilt on to the innocent.
Then we have the soft fascism that has now taken over our whole federal government. The FCC pass a rule to take over the internet, Why? simple, to control free speech. The EPA another out of control agency has done its utmost to stifle oil and coal exploration and punishes people and businesses with regulations that circumvent Congressional laws. It seems Congress has usurped its obligation to set laws and by default has allowed the EPA and the Energy department to regulate people out of business, with regulations and rules that are all unconstitutional interference on the rights of WE The People.
We have experienced the intrusion of our rights in health care which has been a disaster, as well as now the new Common Core education program. One can argue the benefits of the new Education program called Common Core, but I do not care whether it is a good plan or a bad plan, the Federal government has no business in the education of my kids and each individual state should be responsible for their citizens to have access to education. In fact, if our country is to return to a federal system that worked fine for the first hundred years of the Republic then the EPA, the Energy Department, the Health and Social Services Department, the Department of Education should be completely abolished just to start. These departments are responsible for a soft tyranny stiffing our economic growth as well as the freedom of our citizenry. Over the last 50 years we have created a monster, which not only has led to our freedom being impaired, but has also contributed to trillions of dollars in debt, both in the cost of running these bureaucracies, and the loss of major economic growth caused by onerous business killing regulations.
Our federal government has become the tyranny the founding fathers warned us against, the states need to demand a constitutional convention to take back our freedom by removing the yoke of the various federal government bureaucracies. Until this is done, corruption, fascism will be the order of the day.
The American people has to decide urgently whether we are a nation of free individuals or are we to become dependent on our government for help for our every need.
The Words of Ronald Reagan Apply Today:THE MOST FEARED WORDS IN THE WORLD:  “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”.