Shocking: Muslim Cleric Answers “What Is Islam?”


You know the story.

At first, the self-conscious, politically correct and oh-so-culturally-sensitive establishment press didn’t want to hear the name of the murderer of four U.S. Marines at a Chattanooga recruiting center.

When his name was inevitably released, some in the media and government suggested it sounded like an “Arabic name,” but not necessarily Muslim.

They wondered at loud about possible motives. Hmmmm … what could it have been?

Then we heard he was just your average Joe, from a nice family – no one who knew him ever suspected anything was amiss. He was a great student. He was a good wrestler. He was a “smart individual.” He seemed like a good kid, we were told. He was quiet, didn’t have any problems in the neighborhood.

What could have been the motives?

Then we learned that he wrote in his senior yearbook: “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?”

Then we learned his father, Youssef, had been investigated by the FBI and placed on a terrorism watch list, but was later dropped.

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Then we learned that his sister, Yasmeen, had given an interview to the Chattanooga Free Press in 2010, claiming that some of her fellow high-school students had harassed her for wearing a hijab: “I’m not afraid to go straight toward them and ask them, ‘Do you really know what Islam is?’ There’s this misconception that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are actually peaceful,” she told the paper.

Then we heard that he came from a nice home and a wonderful family.

Then we were told he had an abusive father.

Then we learned he was born in Kuwait. He traveled frequently to Jordan and at least once to Yemen – a hotbed of jihadi terrorist activity.

Still the media wondered and wrung its hands as to motives …

Then we learned that he blogged just three days before he fired a fatal barrage of bullets at four Marines about his heroes: “Every one of them fought jihad for the sake of Allah. We ask Allah to make us follow in their path.”

Still the search for motive continued – not only by the press, but by the president of the United States.

Any clues yet?


The first clue was his first name.

I guessed what it would be when I first heard of the shooting.

It’s the most common Muslim name for boys.

It doesn’t mean that everyone named Mohammad is a terrorist. But far too many terrorists bear the name – or some other Islamic appellation.

Is everyone in government blind to what’s happening from the president on down? Is everyone in the establishment media this stupid?

I don’t think so. I think they are every bit as aware of these facts as I am – and you are.

But they are in denial.

It just doesn’t fit their worldview, their narrative.

And thus we march on blindly and in denial as a nation.

We have a problem with radical Islam. It’s not a small one. It’s not going away.

Pretending it doesn’t exist will only make it worse. Pretending we don’t see it exacerbates the problem. Pretending the real national security threat comes from the tea-party movement or right-wing Christians or returning military personnel or people who fly the Confederate flag will do nothing to reduce the collateral damage.

This is not to say every Muslim represents a threat to national security or your safety. No one believes that. But to pretend that a disproportionate number doesn’t – especially those who visit terrorist countries and rant about jihad – is willful blindness and possibly even represents complicity in the crimes they commit.

This is not “profiling.”

This is rationality. This is sanity. This is national security.