Scripture: Philippians 1:30

“We are in this struggle together. You have seen my struggle in the past, and you know that I am still in the midst of it” NKJV

Wasim’ s struggle continues:

While at work a new employee, a Muslim man, asked me to go to the Mosque with him for prayer. I just ignored him as if I didn’t hear him. He asked me again a little louder. He repeated his request three times shouting louder each time. He then went to one of the drivers and asked, ‘Why does not your boss go to the Mosque?’

The driver answered loudly, ‘How can he go to the mosque? He is a Christian!’

An administrator heard the conversation and volunteered, ‘In our records, he is a Muslim; by his name and father’s name.’

The driver shouted, ‘Ask him for yourself.’

He did and I answered, ‘Yes, I am a Christian.’

This was way too much for a Muslim to handle. The administrator immediately began a campaign of hate against me. The workers would no longer do what I asked. A few days later they beat me until I was unconscious.

When I returned from the hospital the administrator said, ‘Why didn’t you inform us you were a Christian when you asked for a job?’ They said they were eating all this time with an unholy person. They beat me again and smashed my truck. I was able to run away. When I returned I was told to leave the factory because there was no place there for a Christian.

I left everything there and walked away. I talked to a Christian friend about the situation. He was sorry to hear all this but was unable to help me.

Sometime later I was witnessing in a rural area with a preacher friend of mine. We arrived back at my house a 10:30 PM to find that burglars were there ahead of us. The burglars had forcefully broken into our house and opened our safe with a steel bar. Money, jewelry and many important things were gone. We called to other Christian brothers for help. We prayed together for wisdom and decided not to go to the police. It was the law that the police could arrest me for being a Christian. I was praying to God for help and wisdom. They spoke clearly that it was time to leave this country. It was clear that now the Muslims had our money and valuables. Next they would want to take all our lives.

The network of Christians can be very helpful when necessary. A Christian pastor who had renounced Islam some years ago gave a call to a local Bishop. The Bishop had also left Islam many years ago and knew the danger we were in. He said, ‘Once they have taken your money you have no worth.’ Our lives were in grave danger. The Bishop was sincerely compassionate over our situation. He made a few phone calls finding refuge for us in a neighboring country.

The next day the Bishop introduced us to a Swedish husband and wife. Immediately we understood that through this Swedish couple we would be set free from this situation. They were a lovely couple who radiated the love of Jesus in all they did. It brings tears to my eyes as I think of their love. We escaped with them to our new country and met their mother. Their mother treated us as if we were her children. She inquired of what we had been through over the years. In her great compassion she removed a diamond ring from her finger. She placed the diamond ring on Mariam’s finger. This precious ring will stay with us until we are together as neighbors in heaven. It will constantly remind us of the love of God and it will explain His love for His children. Part 9 tomorrow.

Prayer: Father the friendship of fellow Christians is the life line of strength. Help us to be available for those in need. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
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