As part of schoolwork, children required to make beds, cook, clean for Muslim migrants in Germany

The host country becomes subservient to the invaders. Parents of children at a Bavarian grade school were told to cover up their grade school girls so they wouldn’t tempt the Muslim refugees in the gymnasium next door.

Now this. As part of a school project, German children are required to cook and clean and change the bed linens for refugees. Some parents are outraged.

Only some? The migrants have been urinating on the floor and on the women in theserefugee centers. Will the children have to clean that, too?

This is madness.
migrant mess2

migrant mess4

migrant mess

German schoolchildren act as servants for “refugees”: putting fresh linen on their beds, tidying up their clothes, preparing foodDiversity Macht Frei, October 12, 2015

A letter to the parents said their children will be going to “refugee” accommodations and will be making beds, sorting clothes, and “help in the kitchen” among other things.

A letter written by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, says “pupils will spend a day in a transit accommodation and help for example, fix up as beds as well as help in the collection of donations.

This is part of the School’s “week of projects to help refugees.”

classes clean migrants

A mother posted an extract from a letter that her friend’s son had got from his school. It describes the activities of a project week, including going to help out in an asylum centre. This provoked a flurry of indignation and disbelief, but a local newspaper has confirmed the story.

The Kiel Ministry of Education confirmed the letter was authentic. Already this week, as described above, the schoolchildren from a school in Lübeck had put fresh linen on the beds, sorted out clothing and helped out in the kitchen in an accommodation centre for refugees passing through. This took place in the context of a project week intended to prepare the eighth-graders [age about 13-14] for practical work experience. (source)

Original article is in German. Here is an English translation of it… (thanks to Desi Lou)

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.

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11 Responses to As part of schoolwork, children required to make beds, cook, clean for Muslim migrants in Germany

  1. Putzfrau Merkel, YOU clean up after them, prepare their food, etc., it is traitors like yourself who is bringing them in as part of your service to globalism.

  2. Conservative Senior says:

    The German people almost lost their entire country to Hitler and his Nazis. Now they are surrendering to that communist, Angela Merkel, and her muslim terrorist friends. Good bye Germany. If you don’t get rid of that woman and the corrupt government, you are toast.

  3. Used to think that Germans were smart. Blows that theory. Help the invading force take over seems to be the norm now. When will we wake up?

  4. LibertyBelle says:

    IMHO, If this is truly acceptable to the so-called leaders, then those “leaders” opening the doors should take their own families to be exposed and enslaved. These same individuals (paid public servants) need to hold classes and teach the uneducated and uncivilized themselves, proper and acceptable behavior of a guest asking for help. We the people of the world must unite and have our voices and choices heard and complied with by all paid public servants.

    Perhaps the ignorance inflicted on the immigrants can be salvaged and if not – ship them back. Seems like Putin has done in a short time span what the deceivers did not accomplish. Could these people really still be living in the stone ages as their behavior displays? Who has done this to them for no intelligent person could possibly believe this disgusting display of ignorance is ok!

    This adamantly can’t happen in America for the ptb have virtually banned pig meat in America and it sure looks like a sty to me, a city girl!

    Thank you Mr Putin. Now can they go back home and rebuild, please? And for God’s sake, someone please educate them,. Otherwise, there are some pretty secure FEMA camps for hosting!