Scripture: Romans 15:30

“Dear brothers and sisters, I urge you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to join in my struggle by praying to God for me” NLT

Wasim’ s struggle continues:

God gave me new life. But, I was not able to travel. I decided to live in a town so that I can hide myself from this evil world. I was a target for Muslims to stamp out.

I bought a small van and decided to start a business in my homeland. I started work as a route salesman for a food factory. After a few months of heavy competition the Lord shined on me. I won the market place. Every day I started praying with praise to the Father and thanked Him for His guidance and assistance. He did not let me down. He really blessed me and gave me a good name that was reliable. When other workers watched my success they befriended me. When they learned I was no longer a Muslim they beat me. When I was released from the hospital I stayed with that company for one year. Their abuse became intolerable so I left.

A few days later I was praising the Father that I was still alive and could work. He gave me a contact at another food factory. Because of my experience I was immediately hired as a sales supervisor. Life was good for a year and then the workers were told that I was a Christian. The abuse started all over. My closest friends deserted me. It was time to move on again.

The Lord provided yet another food factory. They were very pleased with my work and I became a distributor of their products. For the next two years things were good and I married my wife, Mariam. Mariam had a job as a nurse assistant in a private hospital. Life was smooth and we were happy in our home. Three years later God blessed us with a baby girl.  Then, just over a year later God blessed us with a baby boy. We were living in a town far away from the enemies of our Christian faith. Then another confrontation. Part 8 tomorrow.

Prayer: Father thank you for opening doors where there are no doors and making ways where there are no ways. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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Pastor Bill Team Prayer:

Father please bring 1…………. 2…………. 3………….. into your kingdom.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
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